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Welcome to Michael's Timeless Photography.

Michael’s Timeless Photography was established in 2011, after making the decision to go forward with my passion for photography. I enjoy taking photos of Nature, Landscape, and Life in general - intending to capture all the grandeur the world has to offer. Most of my work has been done in the Western New York area and includes Flowers, Old Barns, Wildlife, and Architecture. I hope to venture out to new territory to add to my growing collection of artwork.

I invite you to browse through the images below. Select a Folder, then a Gallery of choice. Once in a gallery you can view them at full screen by clicking a photo. If you see one you like go to the icons in the lower right corner of the page. You can give it a “Like”, leave a comment, or even share with your friends.

You may also select the "SEARCH" option at the top left of the Home page. Then type in a keyword to search for a photo of interest (Black and White, Flowers, Barns, etc...).

The key word "All Photos" will reveal one of each photo of my artwork only (this does not include photos from Family, Senior Portraits, Weddings, etc…) This will let you see all the photos in one group making a cleaner viewing, avoiding multiple crops of the same photo.

All photos are available for purchase through this site. Use the Green “ADD TO CART” button.

I have pre-cropped many of the photos to various sizes. I have not placed them all in the galleries to keep from having a cluttered look. If you don't see a desired size contact me (or leave a comment). I can crop it and place it in the gallery for you. If you prefer, you can crop any photo the way you would like at checkout. (Some photos don't crop well to certain sizes, so all photos may not be available in all sizes).

Please note that while my photographs can be cropped and printed in a wide range of sizes (and still look great), most can be best appreciated in sizes 8 x 10 and larger. This will bring out the intricate detail that might be overlooked in smaller prints.

20110519 - CEPA Gallery -

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